North Florida 2015 Busted

A snap shot of that forum from May 6, 2015. LoL, forget Virtual Avenue. We are not going to let this legendary page die out just like that. Here are the clippings from what everyone was trying to read.Yeah you arent going to take away freedom of speech that quick.But thanks for being a net janitor for a minute.That was pimp to say the least.Now from our asian brother….

ChuChu-Li presents a beautiful war story…

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Author     Topic:   Star Wars
Professor Crazy
(Moderator)     posted 9/8/00 5:21 AM     Click here to send email to Professor Crazy   Star Wars is a series of movies that most fans of sci-fi like. Which character/movie is your favorite, and why?

The Jedi     posted 10/22/00 9:02 PM     (The name is my nickname, really)
As for your question Prof. Crazy, I just don’t know for the character, but I like Return of the Jedi! Why? I don’t know. I just do!
Chewtobacco     posted 6/28/02 5:33 AM     I love Star Wars! I have to have everything they put out! Why just yesterday I was the official first person to purchase the new Darth Vader toilet paper set. Well, I just had to get the Luke Skywalker potty-trainer to go with my D.V.T.P. Now I get to sit on his face everyday! HEY! Have you seen the Princess Leia vibrating toothbrush? It has 15 speeds! Only $9.99- get yours today…My granma complains that I spend too much money on this stuff. Why,just the other day I had to make a choice between the R2D2 hemorrhoid cream and our last loaf of bread. It was an easy choice to make because I knew I could make some great samwiches with it!
ASKCRAZY     posted 10/18/03 8:56 PM     Click here to send email to ASKCRAZY   Nice site, Visit my tooSimCity Essay

I love Jar Jar Binks!
Corey R     posted 3/13/12 7:17 AM     Click here to send email to Corey R   Jason Edward Frame age:23 location: Live Oak
<a href=””>busted arrested mugshot (with picture) </a>:
busted mugshot
Corey R     posted 6/28/12 11:10 PM     here is the right one:
Corey R     posted 1/31/14 5:34 AM     Update on the mugshot link. This includes the mugshot picture which is missing from the other sites:
Corey R     posted 4/19/14 4:30 AM     Man they keep taking down this guy’s mugshot. Maybe he requests it get taken off or something. It might also be for Lake City in Florida. Anyhow, here is the last resort effort to put the mugshot up for you to see:
Corey R     posted 10/14/14 12:40 AM     Here is the new mugshot link for Jason Frame ( it may be under live oak or lake city in florida ) but here it is
Kerry     posted 10/28/14 9:56 PM     I found out who Corey R is! Thanks to my peeps in Live Oak!! cliche group tier 1 babydolls! Show me love please!
Corey R     posted 11/24/14 6:35 PM     Oh and we found out who Kelly is too thanks to some good friends on facebook from our church on market.
Corey R     posted 2/18/15 3:10 PM     Well it looks like we finally have the mugshot and dont have to do anything else!! Yay! How hard was that? Yeah we found out the charges were dropped on 2-11-2015 a week later after the initial arrest on Frame, but its interesting to see the mugs still up there!! Going to include some key words to tag this to related searches. Back to facebook wars with Kelly!!
Meth Lab Bust. Updated: Thu 9:43 AM … Officers say they found several small containers of methamphetamine powder and meth
2 arrested in Lake City meth lab bust
Two men were arrested in Lake City on Tuesday night after deputies found a … Local/Florida News; Georgia News; U.S … 2 arrested in Lake City meth lab bust.
Police bust Middletown meth lab
Police bust Columbia County Florida Home … Florida lawyer sparks debate … Clinton Police want you to be more vigilant in their city after a pair of armed …
5 arrested in Lake City. methamphetamine lab bust
Lake City deputies said they … 5 arrested in Lake Co. methamphetamine lab bust. … They said a shed outside the home in the backyard was a functioning meth lab.
Five Arrested in Meth Lab Bust – Columbia County, FL
Lake City, FL. Charges
Meth Lab Bust – North Florida Now, North Florida
Central Florida Spotlight; … Police bust downtown Orlando meth lab. View Larger . Orlando meth lab. Related. Video:
Columbia County deputies were called to an apartment in the 3700 block of Northwest Huntsboro Street about 9 p.m. to investigate an anonymous complaint of alleged illegal drug activity. Police say Ronald Brown and
When deputies arrived, they immediately noticed a strong chemical odor emanating from the home. They believed that the odor was consistent with the clandestine manufacture of methamphetamine.
A few clippings to help out the information seekers. Mugshot links February 2015
Kelly     posted 2/22/15 9:11 PM     You know Corey I am surprised you and your own dad have not been nailed by the state for stalking by now!! Imagine that? I find it just as surprising someone who was into a drug lifestyle would have an interest and even blog about biblical figures. Even as much so as to put moral into their stories ( ). But then again, people get set up and step into the wrong places at the wrong times now dont they? And of course in our vilifying social culture, we have to create entertainment value out of the grief of others to compensate for our own miseries … right Corey? 🙂 Well anyhow, I wonder why the kkkops had to drop him like a hot potatoe? Have you figured that out yet? Did I spell potato correctly enough for you? 🙂
Kelly     posted 2/27/15 3:09 PM     Well I found it 🙂 Scraped up some public records for your 411 interests.

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Corey R     posted 4/18/15 7:10 PM You did not know about the evidence: <— evidence they used to determine –>  that the police used to find out how to make the bust?That is why it all happened.


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Oh yeah, we are going to spruce it up a bit. Took out a little spam from the top of the old page. Adding a few sentences to bring you back.  Oh yeah, thx for sharing this with us, Jason:

We were certain at one point that cops were perfect, never ease dropped, and never caused any problems. And that everyone who believed in them were perfect people who didnt even need to go to church. Disdain this and save yourself a little time. 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We will not forget these people involved either:
Catherine Davis
Kelly Bryant
Michael Lee
Rose Rogers
Jerry Thomas
Adam Cox
Peter Russell
Denise Patterson
Louise Adams
Stephanie Howard
Jacqueline Brooks
Beverly Green
Patrick Garcia
Eugene James
Judy Bennett
Patricia Butler
Marilyn Scott
Donald Smith
Jose Campbell
Amanda Price
Scott Young
Betty Cooper
Andrea Hughes
Tina Wood
Barbara Rodriguez
Christina Stewart
George Taylor
Norma Hill
Fred Hall
Margaret Diaz
Jason Frame
Phillip Morgan
Debra Martin
Paula Ward
Anthony Jones
Carol Torres
Keith Reed
Ashley Jackson
Ryan Lopez
Joan Gonzales
Shirley Thompson
Eric Martinez
Todd Rivera
Kevin Perry
Daniel King
Jonathan Parker
Billy Clark
John Roberts
Martha Bell
Janice Johnson
Roy Collins
Joseph Black
Deborah Higgins
Norma Rice
Stephen Goodwin
Roberto Mendez
Ada Alvarado
Virginia Roy
Marc Spencer
Omar Mills
Viola Perry
Miranda Carson
Emmett Banks
Kathryn Pittman
Marian Christensen
Scott Newton
Monica Harmon
Leonard Francis
Amanda Paul
Laverne Hampton
Stewart Gilbert
Jody Hardy
Roxanne Thompson
Christopher Wise
Latoya Simpson
Suzanne Valdez
Steve Ingram
Angelina Beck
Marsha Hudson
Jessica Dixon
Cecelia Caldwell
Austin Cox
Hector Sims
Ronald Osborne
Patrick Nguyen
Isaac Garcia
Arlene Moore
Catherine Glover
Lisa Phelps
Forrest Lopez
Joanne Garza
Marco Gibson
Roland Saunders
Kevin Fitzgerald
Christine Huff
Raul Lyons
Alma James
Shane Cortez
Don Fields
Brandy Ellis
Milton Jefferson
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We want to know the whole damn story. Lake City Florida meth lab raid in February 2015 went wrong? Thats Columbia County right? Yeah Columbia County Florida!! 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